America’s treacherous racist past is threatening to rear its ugly head again especially in many colleges and campuses all over the country. There have been cases and events where assaults, race-related posters, graffiti and other racist paraphilia have been found in university buildings across many U.S. cities which has further inflamed rage and anger among black and minority students. The rise of racial discrimination and racial motivated events in colleges and other institutions of learning is not a surprise to many experts, however the advent of internet and growth of social media has further in the recent years has inflamed tensions between different ethnic groups in schools.

The incident that occurred in Binghamton State University in New York where students were threatened with arrests for hanging anti-racist flyers just highlight the brazen nature that racism manifests itself in college campuses. The rise of White supremacy propaganda which is clearly spread in many campuses across America under the guise of freedom of speech has further emboldened the actions of certain police personnel who embrace the ethos of racism and white race being superior. It is no surprise that in most colleges campuses all over the United States white nationalist or alt-right speakers usually visit colleges in the country pursuing extensive provocative speeches and which at times are normally racially charged. These alt-right speakers often try to defend their provocative speeches by invoking the constitution right to free speech however, their agenda is usually to stir racial tensions by playing the victim card which allows them a greater platform.

Organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Centre which tracks hate crimes nationwide has further identify many cases and hate related events such as those experienced in Binghamton. For in instance, swastika was carved in an elevator while the N-word was founded written on the whiteboard of a black student in Drake University. Racist symbols and white nationalist fliers has also been found across many universities campuses including Stockton, Southern Illinois and Michigan University among others. It seems that white nationalists and other racial groups have become more emboldened with their messaging that they can brazenly post hateful and at times cruel messages in colleges under the noses of university administration officials is quite puzzling.

However, what is most shocking about the events that took place in Binghamton University is that the students who were hanging anti-racist flyers were found to have violated university rules regarding unlawful posting. Such reactions by the university represent kids- gloves approach that is taken by several university administrators nationwide in cases where there are evidence of racism. It is no wonder that conservative leaning journalism clubs in various universities across the country can easily publish articles with homophobic and racial undertones without fear or remorse. The dramatic rise in such events are not a surprise especially among professionals who study race relations because it highlights the new way societies communicates with another.

Several university administrators have been in the caught in the crosshairs by giving cases and events related to racism a leap service. For instance university officials at Binghamton in their own statement regarding the potential arrests of progestin students further highlighted the brazen nature through which colleges respond to incidents associated with racism and homophobia. The college cracked down on students for posting anti-racist material in protest and further defended the existence of flyers which were deemed offensive to various racial and ethnic groups. This further highlights the university’s affirmation to free speech which is needed in order to foster a diversity of ideas and opinions among the students regardless whether the messages are offensive.

The fervent defense of free speech is usually one of those shallow defenses that white nationalists, alt-right leaders as well as other racial hate groups often use to justify their offensive and hateful acts. Unless Binghamton and other university across the country reverses their course as a far as handling cases and events associated with racism then in a few years’ time a full blown racist society will exist in the whole of America. This is because racial tones and graffiti would thus be accepted as the norm which will further take back America to those dark ages of its history. However all is not lost because there are plenty of law abiding citizens in both colleges and university campuses who are more accommodative to diverse opinions and respectful enough to different ethnic factions. Moreover, it is crucially important for students in such Universities to engage in various forms of activities in order to address these race related issues which are on a rise in many American learning institutions.