Jade is my friend. He is that type who is always silent or off key every time we are discussing current events in our local joint. It forces us to give him long information especially on a particular topic or event, right from where it started, to where the news is and probably predict future events on the same topic. He ends up killing our vibe. Jade jokes that he doesn’t know where the world has currently reached! His reasons? He doesn’t have time for news or watching the Tv.

Maybe it sounds surprising, but here is the catch; There are many millions of people who don’t watch the news, or Tv, for various reasons. Some are busy at work, some don’t love watching the Tv, while some may not have reasons for watching the news. All these kinds of people live amongst us and most often trouble us to have to explain events that have passed. It’s not funny though, it happens! But there are no reasons to worry anymore as there are alternative ways of catching up with current events without having to watch the news. So Jade and his likes can now be rest assured that they will be up to spate with what is going on around us. The best alternative to watching the news is reading books. Yes, everything you want to know about current affairs is in the books! Now, assuredly, with books, we don’t have to watch the news.

Books may seem or sound old way of getting information, but one thing is for sure; with books, one will get the information and the type of news they want by choosing what to read at what time, as opposed to having to watch chosen events on Tv as news. Another reason for reading books is, one is able to get the information or news they want in details!

Here are great books to gives you heads up for the current events;

1. Read about the financial crisis

Find out how the 2008-2009 financial crisis actually happened. The Big Short by Michael Lewis will give you extensive insights on how the crisis occurred. It is easy to comprehend, well detailed and tackles all that needs to be known about the particular financial crisis. Written with fun and irreverent style, this book will remove boredom and ensures smooth reading from first to the last page.

2. Understand and Talk About Modern Day Civil Rights

Want to know what Mark Zuckerberg picked to read? Grab Michelle Alexander’s the New Jim Crow book and find out why Mark wants to know about the Modern-day Civil Rights. This is a compelling book to read. The author has managed, in a well-researched and written way, bring out all the issues surrounding the mass incarceration to the Political Discourse of America.

3. What is America’s Place in the World?

Ian Bremmer has well articulated the options that America faces in its influence to the world. In his book, Superpower Bremmer, an icon in political science, has elaborated what America is faced as it widens its influence. He has tackled the last presidential elections too in this book. With this read, all about America and its position in the world will be at your fingertips.

4. What could Putin be thinking of?

There is a new oligarch in Russia, find out who they are in Ben Mezrich’s Once Upon A Time In Russia book. The book talks about the fall of the Soviet Union, why after Putin took over from Boris Yelstin, he is so engraved with the thought of Bringing Russia back to it’s gone glory and rule. Judging from the events going on around the world, this book will be a perfect read.

5. Energy Crisis and its intrigues

The energy sector is embroiled in a crisis. Are you aware of it? If not then The Prize has been explained well by Daniel Yergin in the sequel, The Quest. Get insights on what is happening at the energy.  

6. Education in the Developing World

Remember Malala Yousfzazi who tackled the Taliban at the SWAT valley in her quest for education? This is her own story on how education, especially the girl child education can help transform a whole society. Get I am Malala and find out what she thinks about women’s education and how to deal with extremist ideologies true education.

7. How to Do Business in China

What is it like doing business in China? What are the implications? Find out more about business in China by reading Dealing With China by Hank Paulson.

8. Effects of Our Planet

What is your company’s CSR program? What are the issues with Climate Change? Does Capitalism have an effect on our environment? Get this and more answers about effects of our planet by reading This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein.

9. How to Understand Saudi Arabia

There are many segments to Saudi society. Get insights into the workings of the core workings of Saudi Arabia in Robert Lacey’s Inside the Kingdom.